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A Set of Architectural House Plans We Provide Consists of The Following:

Cover Sheet with Client and Property Information

This drawing will contain the Project Title, Client Information, Legal Description of the Property, a State Map showing the Project Location, Square Footage Summary and Drawing Index.

Plot Plan

This drawing will contain the Plot Plan, "To Scale". The home owner is required to provide accurate information of the plot plan to complete this drawing. This drawing conveys the information concerning the plot as it relates to setbacks, easements, building location(s) with dimensions to show distance from pertinent lot lines and dimensions of building, well and septic locations, driveway location(s) as well as all legal property information. A state map with the project location noted is also provided.

Floor Plans

This drawing will contain the floor plan(s). Typical residential homes are drawn to the 1/4" = 1'-0" scale. Larger homes may require a scale of 1/8" = 1'-0". Most floor plans will be on one sheet with additional sheets as needed for additional floors. All floor plans are fully dimensioned. The home owner must provide information regarding the elements of the home that will be used in the home(i.e., refrigerator size, oven/range size, bath tub(s) size, shower stall size, etc.) that are not "standard" items in order to provide an accurate design.


This drawing will contain the exterior elevation views of your project. The elevations are in 2D format. These drawings will contain Pertinent Dimensions, Elevation Markers and Call outs as reqired to note design elements such a windows, doors, siding and roofing. Additional elevation sheets will be provided as needed to provide the builder with the information needed to construct your project.

Foundation Plan

This drawing will contain the foundation plan of your project. Information included on these drawings are Footing and Foundation wall locations and sizes, Slab(s) on Grade and any Footing Steps.


This drawing will contain information regarding the elements of your project as it relates to the basic construction, insulation, materials, finishes and special interior areas that require further detailing in order to convey the design intent. This is also where information is shown regarding vaulted ceilings and the other special interior design elements of your project. Stair sections may also be included in these drawings(as needed).

Roof Framing Plan

This drawing will contain information regarding the Roof Framing of your project. This drawing will indetify roof truss locations, Ceiling Configurations(i.e., vaulted, tray, etc.), Roof lines, Roof Pitch(es), Ridges, Hips, Valleys, Gables, Dormers and other pertinent information. These drawings will allow the designer of your roof truss system to accurately design the roof truss system for your project.


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